New Gameplay Features

The enhancements to the game fall into three basic areas: exploration, connection to the environment, and hand-to-hand combat.

- The exploration mechanics in the game have been expanded by refining the way players will move Nate around an environment.

- You'll be able to climb and jump backward from a hand hold, as well as use cover and shoot will climbing walls or a balance beam.

Now you can shoot while walking on a balance beam.


- Keen-eyed players will notice the characters will touch parts of the environment as they make their way through it.

- Smoother animation, courtesy of new contextual animation blends that aim to make Nathan's movement more fluid.

- Combat will feature a bar-brawl-style approach that will have Nate facing off against multiple targets that you can switch

between. Melee attacks will again feature a contextual component to them that will have Nate improvising with whatever he has handy.

Here we see the new melee system. Nate attacks an enemy while being choked.

- Nate's stealth options are being beefed up to include takedowns that can be initiated while dropping down from a perch.

- The desert setting will also feature unique gameplay tied to the properties of sand, which include sandstorms, mirages, and heat haze, to name just a few.





- First off, the game takes place roughly a year or so since the events seen in Uncharted 2.

- Secondly, while the game's primary focus is on Nate, Sully and their relationship, fans can expect to see old and new characters in the mix.

- The game's desert endgame setting was chosen as much for its rich story potential as its gameplay possibilities within a sandy environment, which offered a distinctly different environment from the previous games in the series.

- Nate will have female company with him.

- Nate will spend much of the game with Sully.

- Part of the game will take place in a "derelict chateau in France".


Confirmed Weapons


- AK-47

- .45 Defender

- Wes-44

- Sawed-off Shotgun (new weapon)

- AK 47 (without butt)

- 92FS-9 mm



The Possibility Of Drivable Vehicles in Uncharted 3

Remember Uncharted: Drakes Fortune? You were able to drive a jet ski to get across the island back then. Now with the desert setting in Uncharted 3 , which captures even a larger area than an island , it seems very likely that Drake might be able to drive a jeep to travel around the desert , since he won't be able to walk miles all the time.

Also Naughty Dog said in a recent interview that they have found a 'way' to keep you in your route in the desert sequences. Note that the jeep in the thumbnail is taken from the Uncharted 3 Behind The Scenes Video but of course it doesn't mean anything. And vehicles in multiplayer is totaly another subject, it would require larger maps than the Uncharted 2 maps , which would also require more players in the map and this idea might not fit the Uncharted Multiplayer. This article takes an aim at the possible vehicle sequences in the single player of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.